Friday, May 23, 2008


The Cricut Jukebox lets you plug 6 cartridges in at once. Simply put the 6 cartridges you are using into the machine. The machine then plugs into the place on your Cricut where you would normally plug in a cartridge. That's it! Also, the units are stackable and connect together so that you have access to all (or most of anyway - lol) your cartridges at one time. You can stack them or connect up to three together in train like fashion. A possible negative is that the cord is only 4 inches long so it does have to sit right next to your machine. The Jukebox is perfect to use with the Design Studio Software (sold separately) which lets you make cuts by using more than one cartridge at a time. It has a carrying handle and has a base to store your overlays and design booklets and is compatible with both the Cricut Machine and the Cricut Expression.

********************* UPDATED ************************
Cutters Creek has the Jukebox for a members only price of $54.99 with NO SHIPPING CHARGES. Keep in mind that is a member price but to get it all you have to do is register to be a member. The JukeBox retails for $89 so girl if you are wanting a Jukebox then you just can't beat that!

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  1. Oh how neat!!!! Hey put a link to your blog in product review on scrapfriendzy so others can see this if you want!