Saturday, May 31, 2008

You Crack Me Up!

I pulled this layout out of an album to photograph for a "Funny Layouts about Men" Challenge at Creative Impressions but woe is me!! Did you notice the "u" is missing? Where did it go??? This layout was in a page protector and an album!

BUT (no pun intended - lol) the real question is not where is the "U" but "what kind of adhesive was I using when I made this layout?" When I pulled the layout out to take this picture the photo is also coming up?? Does this bother me?? You bet it does! This album is supposed to last for years to come. Any suggestions gals?


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  1. You know how things fall thru the "cracks"....... Love, Phyllis McKay

  2. No pun intended, huh. HAHAHAHA

  3. Maybe you should check in the pants :)