Thursday, June 12, 2008

Creative Zone Wall Art *Updated*

I created this today to hang in my scrapbook room. It's huge! The letters are 5 inches tall and when put together, will be approximately 12x24 inches so to cut this file, you'll need the Expression and a 12x24 mat. The picture below is what I was trying to mimic but apparently none of the cartridges have a 'splat'. I do have SCAL and a .jpg but didn't want to go to the trouble of doing the Inkscape thing so will use this instead. If you'd like the .cut file, click HERE. Oh, almost forgot, it uses the Doodletype and Locker Talk cartridges. =)

Update: Debbie from one of my Yahoo groups was kind enough to take a .jpg of a splat that I had and make it into a file that Sure Cuts Alot would cut so if you like the splat better (and I do), click HERE for the .scut file.

And Jen sent in a really cool splat that is also a .scut file and can be downloaded by clicking HERE.



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