Monday, June 9, 2008

And that my friend, is what you call a Miracle

It's okay, crisis diverted although I am still shaking... the TV in the den died today so we are playing in the living room with the TV on in there. Regan is asleep and the twins are playing in the floor behind me...I had forgot that Ronnie had bought a mirror to go on the wall at the front door and had left it leaning against the wall...all of a sudden, BAM,CRASH, GLASS BREAKING, BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMS (from all 3 of us), HORRIBLE MENTAL IMAGE OF TWINS SITTING IN SHARDS OF GLASS BURNED IN MY BRAIN FOREVER but NO BLOOD!! THANK GOD!! They are fine, I will never be the same again.


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  1. Now that's gonna make a smashing layout! (pun intended, go ahead and groan LOL)

    Seriously though, glad everyone is all right!