Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Create Create is NOW HERE!

According to Tara in PA, she saw the NEW Cricut Create at her brand new Michaels today. There were ads in the store that said it's a Michaels exclusive...their exclusive inflated price is $299. Be patient gals as I'm sure you'll be able to get it much cheaper once it's released to the other stores. Oh, and just in case you've not heard of the Create, here's some info on it: The Create is similar to the Cricut Personal Cutter in size, but can compete with the Cricut Expression for its functionality. The Cricut Create has five new functions (which are also available on the Cricut Expression): Rotate/Portrait, Fit to page, Auto Fill, Flip and Centre Point. It also comes with a completely new featured cartridge: Don Juan. Cuts from 1" to 11.5". The machine weighs around 7 lbs so is easily portable.

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  1. Linda does it cut Big are like the baby bug??OO Wonder will it work on Vista 64 bit??

  2. It has a 6x12 mat BUT it can rotate the image so yes you can cut 12 inch tall as long as it's less than 6 inch wide. I use my Expression with Vista so I don't see where there would be a problem with that but I'd check with PC to make sure. =)

  3. the Cricuts Now will not work on the Vista 64 Bit they will work on the 32 bit But not the 64 Bit..o0( O yea I talked to PC they say Nope it will not work So i had to go buy me a refurbished Laptop with XP to use with it.I went to buy a Vista 32 Bit but all they had was 64's :o( Any way Mine is working again on my laptop so I am happy I just hope they make something for it to work on the 64 bit sure is aggravating switching back and fourth..