Saturday, July 12, 2008

Make It My Own (Link)

I saw this at the Atlanta Scrapbook Expo (by the way, probably the best Expo I've ever been to) anyway, this booth has a website called Make It My Own and believe it or not, all they sell is instructions...yep that's right, instructions. Funny thing is that booth was wrapped up with gals so I thought I'd better share the link in case anyone here is interested.

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  1. Thanks Linda for mentioning Make It My Own. I launched my products this weekend at the Scrapbook Expo in Duluth, Georgia, and the response was overwhelming. (And you were right, the booth was filled to the brim.) I like to think of my products as "Instructions with Attitude." What I offer are unique scrapbook instructions in very detailed, easy to follow steps, that allow you to take your paper, your ribbons, and your embellishments, and make your own creatively detailed scrapbook collectible or shareable (hence "Make It My Own"). After years of taking classes or getting kits where the choices were made for me, I decided to create a truly customizable class where my students weren't locked in by my choices as the teacher. The classes had such great attendance and reactions I decided to provide my instructions as a product line. We currently have 24 instruction sets available on the website, plus 3 DVD's each featuring a different class on making a scrapbook. I encourage you to check out Try a scrapbook or two and let me know what you think. This is a new product so your feedback is valuable. Thanks again for the mention…ciao, ana.