Thursday, July 3, 2008

*NEW* Cricut Create

Have you heard about the NEW Cricut Create? Maybe. Have you heard any details about it like when it's coming to America? No? Me either.
What I've learned as of 7/12/08:
This machine is similar to the Cricut Personal Cutter in size, but can compete with the Cricut Expression for its functionality. The Cricut Create has five new functions (which are also available on the Cricut Expression): Rotate/Portrait, Fit to page, Auto Fill, Flip and Centre Point. It also comes with a completely new featured cartridge: Don Juan. Cuts from 1" to 5.5" high and 11.5" long. The machine weighs around 7 lbs so is easily portable. we know. When is it being released? Now that, we do not know...and the saga continues...

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  1. tell me more about this Cricut it a new machine?

  2. I saw this at my brand new Michaels today (in PA). There were ads in the store that said it's a Michaels exclusive. Their price - $299.

  3. Thanks so much for the info!

  4. Wow M's has them already? I'll have to look. Now that they are coming out with a bag to carry the expressions at CHA I will just bring that to crops, plus it cuts larger and I love the screen on my expressions. If you were new and just starting out and getting a bug, this would be a good option, but already having the baby bug and expressions, I'll save my money...or just buy more of the new cartridges coming out. lol!

  5. I'm with you girl, I'l stick to my E! lol

  6. Apparently Michael's has them and is running a special. If you buy a Create and a Jukebox you get a free cartridge