Sunday, July 20, 2008

New Zutter Bind it All Version 2.0

Have you all heard about the New Zutter Bind it All Version 2.0??

Here are the differences with this one versus the old one:

1. 35% greater capability in punching thickness

2. Punch fabric covered covers, canvas, or covered acrylic with ease!

3. Extension Paper Guide Bar (the bar)

4. Numbered register marks onthe bar for punching accuracy for projects up to 12 1/2"

5. Extension Paper stop guide Plate (the plate)

6. Provides punching accuracy for projects smaller than 4" width (down to a minimum of 1")

7. Extension Paper guide bar locking and release system. Allows left and right hand application.

8. Overall version 2.0 is stronger and move versatile in all its capabilities.



  1. Thank you SO MUCH for this information. It is now at the top of my "gotta have it" list!!

    ...And thanks so much for keeping us all up to date. What a fantastic blogger/person you are!

    --Grace at Everything Cricut

  2. I just saw this too, great news! I have been planning on getting one of these but was holding off for a little, now I am glad I did. Do you know when they are going to sell it and who has it?

  3. Heather, a couple of places are doing pre-orders with a retail of $65 plus shipping but I hear that Cutters Creek is going to be carrying it too so I'm sure their price will be less than than and they have free shipping.