Friday, July 11, 2008

OT…as in SO totality and absolutely OFF TOPIC

With it being vacation time and most everybody feeling the gas price crunch, I thought I'd share this excert from Mary Hunt's newsletter. If you want to read more from Mary, click HERE.

A Family Friendly Vacation on a Budget

Dear Mary,
I love your column and am so thankful for the invaluable advice you give. We are a family of four on one income and just scraping by. We would love to take our children (4 and 5) on a "kid friendly" vacation but aren't sure how to swing the expense. I figured if anyone knew how to do it, it would be you. Shelli C., Colorado

Dear Shelli,
If I were you I'd plan a "staycation" --a stay-at-home vacation. Google your city or state plus the word "tourist" to see what's available in your own area. You'll likely find coupons and other specials you didn't know existed. I was surprised to learn how many scenic hikes and bike paths are in Orange County, Calif., where I live--and other fun and cheap activities I never knew existed.

Create a campground in your backyard complete with tent and fire pit, if you are allowed to do that in your area. Take day trips that include fun activities, then come back to your "campground" at night. Remember it's the mom who sets the tone in the family. If you get excited and creative about your summer staycation, the kids will buy into it, too. You'll create memories they'll never forget.

Now for the ON TOPIC part...don't forget to take lots of pictures and scrap scrap scrap 'em. You and your kids will remember these 'staycations' as the best vacations EVER!


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