Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yummy Skittles!

Have ya'll seen the hottest new scrapbooking trend? It's skittles!! No silly, not the candy, everyone knows you eat chocolate when scrapbooking! Ok, nevermind, sugar is sugar and all will do...ANYWAY, back to the hottest new scrapbooking trend! A gal on the cricut message board started playing in her kitchen one day and came up with the cutest little embellishment around and you know what? They are cheap! Yep, this one will not break your checkbook. Check them out for yourself by clicking HERE.



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  1. I ordered some of these off ebay a while back but have not used them yet. I am excited about it though. I guess I will have to check out Michael's too for these.

  2. M's has discontinued them...why not just order them from the gal at the link that I attached? =)