Saturday, August 9, 2008

Cutting Chipboard with your Cricut

I'm being asked (alot) about what settings I use to cut chipboard and what kind of chipboard I use so I thought others might also like to know about this so here's the scoop:

* I use chipboard from cereal/cracker boxes, it's lightweight and easy to use. Just be sure to spray it with archival mist and it's fine for your pictures. You can paint it or even cut extras of the pattern out in paper to cover the board. (run the paper through a Xyron to get good coverage), oh and sand or ink the edges for the cool finished look.

* Settings vary from machine to machine but for mine when I cut chipboard, I set it up with blade @ 5, pressure on high, speed on fast and I cut twice. (slow the speed down for more delicate cuts). Also be sure to use a mat with strong stickie to make sure it holds the chipboard down on the mat good.

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  1. My husband just gave me a Cricut Expression for Valentine's Day/Early Mother's Day/Early Birthday present. I'm also trying to make as many Montessori materials for our son as I can and I just had the thought: "Can I use my Circut to cut out chipboard letters?" I was so happy to come across your blog in my google search and see that not only do you use your Cricut - but that you recycle your cereal/cracker boxes - that's even better and cheaper for me!!!! Thank you for your post!