Thursday, August 7, 2008

Don't hate me...

You see, I have this pet peeve and being I'm a blog hopper I run into it alot. It's that I hate music on blogs, especially music that starts blaring without my asking it to....and apparently I'm not alone. Check out this entry from Tip Junkie. This is #14 on their list of blog etiquette:

14. Do you like music on blogs? Almost unanimously it was no. If you do have music please don't have it auto play.


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  1. Nothing is more annoying to me than that darn music. Now I LOVE music but not when I am blog hopping!!!!

  2. My solution is to just leave my speakers off. Works every time!

  3. Can't do that cakejunkie cause I'm usually listening to my own music online at or That's one of the reasons I hate there's blaring uninvited. lol ~Linda

  4. Alrighty then! I'll be turning the autoplay off! Thanks so much for the post. It really is nice to know this stuff.

    Gracie at

  5. LOL! Sorry Saige/Grace, we still love you!! =) ~Linda