Sunday, August 10, 2008

Elmer's Repositionable Acid Free Photo Safe Glue Stick (say that 3 times real fast)

Go back in time with me...
My friends and I had been hearing about a new product coming out that was promising to knock our boots was called a Cricut and it was a die cutting machine that did the work for you. We couldn't begin to imagine how it worked but one thing I knew was that I wanted one. I wanted one bad. So the day before they were to be released, I sat down by the phone and started calling all the JoAnns stores within 200 miles of me and I finally found one that actually had the Cricut in stock, 3 of them and they would be on the shelves the very next day. The next morning my dear sweet wonderful husband and I jumped in the car and drove 150 miles one way to get my Cricut.

Why am I telling you this? To make a point. I have had my baby bug from the very first day they hit the stores. Now my point...finally. I want to talk about mats. Do you know how many mats I've owned? Six, that's right, six. The first 4 got tossed because they got where they wouldn't stick anymore. The last 2 I've been using a year now. HOW you say??? See the picture below? That's how. I simply keep running my Elmer's Repositionable Acid Free Photo Safe glue stick over the mat and voila! it's good as new. Try it, I promise you won't be disappointed.


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  2. I use sulky KK 2000 temp spray works like a CHAMP!!I got it from Joann's

  3. thank for sharing the tip!!

  4. I use the Dotto Removable Adhesive by Herma and EK Success. You can find these holders and refills at all Michael's and Hobby Lobby and JoAnn's stores that I've been to. Here's what's a little different...I don't put the adhesive on the mat, I put in on the back of my paper or cardstock or vinyl backing in the area where my cut will be. Then, when my cut is finished, I remove it from the sheet and Voila! it already has adhesive on the back so I can immediately place it down. This technique is especially helpful when I have very detailed cuts. No more tedious spot gluing! I have had the same 4 mats for over a year now.

  5. Linda, do you remove all the old adhesive before you use the stick? or just put it on as is?

  6. bkford, If there is alot of paper link I clean it first with a baby wipe, let it dry well and then apply the repositionable glue but if not, then I just apply it right over the old. ~Linda

  7. Thanks so much for the information on the mats. My first one is curled up and scared beyond belief. Since then I have two new ones that I am taking your advice on.

    I love my new Cricut, and Make the Cut has solved my need for creativity in this fun craft. The learning curve was long, but your comments have truly speeded things up for me. Thanks so much

    I bought two 6X12 mats that are useless to me unless you know a way to get them in a 12 inch machine. Also. My machine is in Centimeters, can it be changed to inches?

  8. Your machine is in centimeters? Never heard of that. Sorry. ~Linda

  9. Sharon~
    You can change your centimeters to inches. Push the settings button and push the arrow buttons below the screen and one of the options will come up as inches or centimeters. I ran across this accidentally this weekend just pushing buttons to see what they did.