Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Follow the Instructions

A few and far between are having trouble updating their DS and of ALL that have contacted me, they did not follow the instructions...I know, we are excited and get in a hurry, I mean how hard is it to download a program so we skip over the instructions...well, don't. Follow the instructions if you don't want problems:

Start by making sure DesignStudio is not running. Next uninstall your current version of DesignStudio. This can be done from the start menu by going to Programs, Cricut DesignStudio, Uninstall Cricut DesignStudio. Then download and run the file below from a administrator account. This will install the new version on DesignStudio. Uninstalling your previous version will not remove the activation information, or any projects saved, from your machine.


1 comment:

  1. I just updated my DS by phone. The person at cricut wa;lked me thru it and told me i didn't have to uninstall the old version and it works. I have all the new cartridges on it. What is SCAL?