Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I wanted to Shoot the Moon(er)

The journaling reads:

So why is there no picture on this layout? Well let me tell you the story…

We used to keep one of those disposable underwater cameras out by the pool until the day I went to pick up some developed film from Walmart. As the woman behind the counter handed me my packet of pictures I noticed she had a disgusted look on her face and it was then that I saw it. On the front of the envelope in bold letters was a note from Walmart explaining that they do not develop photos of a 'pornographic nature'….DO WHAT!?!? I looked at the lady feeling obligated to explain and told her that I didn't take pornographic pictures and that there must have been some kind of mistake. She assured me that there had not been a mistake and that there was nothing she could do about the situation nor could she tell me what was on the film that was what Walmart considered porn. I felt humiliated and left there feeling like the whole store was watching me!

As Ronnie and I drove home, we talked about it and all we could come up with was that being the pictures were taken in the pool, maybe 'something' was exposed accidently but even if that was the case, PORNIGRAPHIC NATURE?? It was embarrassing and I was feeling a little ticked off at Walmart, I mean for Pete's sake, accidents happen.

A few weeks went by and Kevin came home from college for a visit. Somehow the subject of the pool camera came up and I told him about my humiliating experience at Walmart. He cracked up laughing. Funny?! He thought it was funny?!! I was still ticked at Walmart about the whole situation and he's laughing!

And then Kevin explained…Adam had come home with him last month and they had been in the pool cutting up. Adam had the camera and Kevin 'mooned' him and good ole Adam captured the 'pornographic' event on film.

I still don't think it was funny.


  1. I had to laugh at this post...only because I have a son also....boys will be boys!

  2. This is soo cute and I love your mooner!!!

  3. This is too cute and I love your mooner!!!

  4. Thank you Keri. I was afraid it was a little tacky but didn't want to forget the story. lol

  5. This is soooOOooo funny but so sad for you! I love your layout! Super cute!