Sunday, August 10, 2008

Learn With Jo-Ann

Saturday, Aug. 16, from 11am-3pm Jo-Ann's will be doing demo's with "Provo Craft® Scrapbooking Machines" I'm not sure if that would be the Cuttlebug or the Expression or the Create or what but it sounds like fun to me so if you're up and about next Saturday be sure to check it out. Oh and by the way, if you should happen to see a big guy sitting there doing the demo's, ask him where Linda's at cause that will be my hubby (he loves doing the demo's) and I love him doing the demo's cause that leaves me alone to shop! Can you say FREE hubbysitter?! LOL

1 comment:

  1. O WOW i will be in Charlotte NC at the CKS Convention. I have to go to Columbia SC to JoAnn's It is across from the VA When Hooter goes to the doctors I get to go there.. it is about 60 miles from here..