Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Michael's Coupon, Good thru 8/30

Here's a Michael's Coupon, good for 40% of your ENTIRE purchase and it's good thru 8/30. (It was actually meant to be good for one item, but they made a mistake. From what I’ve read, they have been honoring them because it was their mistake.) Click on the picture and then print. Enjoy!


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  1. Thank you for posting this. I used it today and got quite a lot of stuff for a grand total of $68!!! Surprisingly, the girl at the register discounted the entire bill, even items that had already been discounted! They did not bat an eye at the coupon at the Michaels I went to, so I'd encourage anyone who is thinking of using it to go for it. I would not ave known about this coupon were it not for yo, so thank you for my new punches, stamps, and embossing folders. *sends a hug to a stranger*

    Oh and the Michaels in my town has the threading water that is such a big hit if anyone is interested in trying to find it so maybe they're at other. This one had around 12 of them. I had bought one earlier from the OTHER discount you showed on here, but thought I'd share the knews. Thanks again!

  2. What is threading water? I have been away from scrapping for a bit and am back now. This has peaked my curiosity. REgarding the coupon, my Michael's honored it yesterday, and it was a nice savings. VR

  3. I've got more on the Threading Water punch here: or if the link doesn't work, then go to my blog, click on videos on the right and then scroll down to the Threading Water video, it shows you not only how to use the punch but also how to do corners with it. Enjoy! ~Linda

  4. Darn! I wish I had seen your coupon before I went to dinner last night. I really wanted to go, but with gas costing $5 a trip, it didn't make sense if it was only one item at 40%....this would have definitely made it worth my while as I had about a dozen things on my 'need/want' list. Thank you for sharing it though!