Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New Cricut Cartridge Calligraphy Collection

And here is the New Cricut Cartridge Calligraphy Collection, I wish the images were better but at least this gives you a little taste of what's on them.




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  1. Thanks so much for the screen shots! I am on dial up and the download is painfully slow! I linked your blog and the new screen shots to some updates in a very popular thread that is going trying to discover the new licensed cartridge.


    If you can also post screen shots of the new cartridge on the DS update called Home Decor, I would appreciate it and will link you up again to the thread. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi there - do you know if the update includes any updates to work with vista 64-bit? Just wondering if you knew. Thanks

  3. this one looks like a winner :) love the look, and a different thank other font cartridges! thanks for posting these.

  4. Sonia, I won't know until tonight went I update my 64 so I'll let you know then. ~ Linda

  5. I just got an email from an online retailer that PC is only selling this cart to one store and not online.

    Just wanted you to know. I want this cart and am hoping it comes out soon.

  6. That's right Anonymous, ProvoCraft gave Michael's exclusive rights to Calligraphy cartridge until January 2009, after that you will be able to buy it everywhere else. ~Linda

  7. Hi
    Cindy from memorymakingcrafts.com has this cart on pre-order for $54.99. she does ships to the UK. This is a bit from her email update.....

    I will have these two carts on the site available for preordering..
    > with an anticipated ship date of January. They are giving the
    > exclusives on these to the Chain stores until then. Don't buy them
    > there though b/c you'll be spending wayyyyyyyyyy too much money. I
    > know we all love instant gratification but you can get both of them
    > for the cost of just one in the chain stores. So be on the look out
    > Monday for these carts on the site.
    > Home Decor... I am still waiting for the scoop on this one b/c the
    > last I heard (last week) was it will be exclusive to Walmart. Oh how
    > I love the way Provo is doing their business lately... gets me so
    > angry. But I am working on confirming this.
    > On Monday Go to....
    > memorymakingcrafts.com

    Hope this is of interest