Monday, August 11, 2008

Pantry Wall Art

I did some more vinyl wall art tonight and this time, for the first time, I used ProvoCrafts Transfer Tape and let me tell you, that stuff is so worth buying!!! On the first 3 projects I did, I didn't 'bother' with the tape thinking I'd just wing it and by the time I got through I was happy to have it up but also very frustrated. With the tape it's up on the wall in a matter of minutes...yep, so worth it!!


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  1. NOW THIS .. NOW THIS.. this is what I have been doing all week is working on my Pantry!!!
    I got a new Air system so they tore out the Old thing In the Hall closet.. Hooter built me some shelves so now I have a PANTRY.. LOLOLOLOL

  2. This cartridge is just simpley the best so many great cut's ..very useful and thanks for your great site and all your information...
    Best Wishes frenchpossum west Australia...