Friday, August 29, 2008

Plantin Schoolbook

If you've been wanting to get the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge well here's your chance and for only $29.95. Did you hear that??? $29.95!!!!! Order yours HERE.


  1. OH MY!!! I was needing the cartridge Plantin Schoolbook and a friend of mine sent me you blog from Aug 2008 which had a link where I could order it. Without looking at the date I ordered the cartridge. The price went from 29.95 to 34.95 which I really didn't mind but still didn't think to look at the date on the blog. I got a confirmation that my order was placed and I checked and the money was taken out of my account. (Total 40.40 which included shipping).. HOWEVER I wonder since the blog is so old did I just throw my money away. Am I going to receive the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge I ordered? There's NO way I can track this order as it didn't give me a tracking number. IF the offer is no longer valid why wasn't I told that when the order was placed and IF I do get the cartridge how can I track it and when will it arrive? Please get back to me asap.. I'm so afraid I've thrown my money away and will never hear back on this matter. Thanks in advance for your time..

    Jeannie Murray ""

  2. Jeannie, Don't worry. Scrapper's Must Haves is a great company. I'm sure you'll receive your cartridge soon. ~Linda