Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Daisy D’s Update

Daisy D’s Update

We have had many phone calls from consumers and customers wanting to know what is happening at Daisy D’s? Well here is the scoop from the “horses mouth”…. The first week of August we announced that we are not printing A Village Market and Once Upon A Holiday. We featured these at CHA Summer along with Chloe Marie. If that didn’t stir things up enough, staff members were telling customers we were closing at the end of August. Now it is September 9th and we are still here.

The current owners have decided to not design any new product and try to sell the company. While we are looking for interested parties we are selling the inventory of all the collections that we have produced over the years until they are gone. We are not in a big hurry and hope to find someone who would like to continue on with the daisy d’s name and continue the “daisy d’s” look. If we do not find anyone who is interested in taking over, we will close. For now we are fulfilling our orders and plan on having great sales through the rest of the year and into 2009. If our timeline changes we will update everyone. We appreciate all your support and comments we have received and hope we will have good news to spread in the future.

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