Thursday, September 25, 2008

Glitter Everywhere!

Glitter is hot, hot, hot! And you know what is cool about that? It's cheap. We scrapbookers/cardmakers know that our hobby can be quite expensive so it's really nice when a product comes along that is easy on the pocketbook. Sure you can buy papers and embellishments already glittered, foiled or chalked but it sure is nice to be able to pull from your already paid for stash and do it yourself and as an added bonus, it kinda brings back fond memories of kindergarten.


If you're wondering how to gussie up your project with your glitter, foil or chalk, check out these Ready-to-Glitter stickers, they are two-sided adhesive stickers that allow you to adhere glitter, foil or chalk on one surface and then adhere to project using the other side. How easy is that!

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