Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Grayce!

Today, 9/11, is Grayce's birthday. She is 2 years old! Who'd have ever thought a high energy Weimaraner could survive with two fat old owners...or maybe it should be the other way around, who could believe we would survive her! LOL

Anyway, even though it's Grayce's birthday, it's one of you that will get a present. Leave Grayce a birthday wish in the comment section below and at the end of the day, I'll randomly pick a winner! What fun and GOOD LUCK!

*WINNER* Grayce had 12 birthday wishes left in the comments below so I went to the Custom Random Number Generator and entered in 1-12....and our winner is..........
Candice Warnke! Congratulations Candice!

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  1. Happy Birthday Grayce! Hope you get lots of doggie treats and chew toys today!

  2. Happy Birthday Grayce! I hope your mom makes you a birthday cake - dog safe, that is!

  3. Grayce...wishing you many blessed dog years to come. I hope you get a Kong toy filled with peanut butter today! Or a Frosty Paws!

    Happy 2nd Birthday.

    Amy V. in Ohio

  4. Happy Birthday, Grayce. And many happy returns of the day!

  5. Happy Birtdhay Grayce.
    I share your day too, only I have ALOT more years on you.
    Hope you & your family have a great one.

  6. Happy Birthday Grayce!! Hope you have lots of fun on your special day. Hey, where's the picture with the hat??

  7. Happy Birthday Grayce! Eat all the bones and table scraps you want today, ENDULGE!

  8. Happy Happy Birthday Grayce, and many many more. I love the BD hat.

  9. Happy Birthday Grayce!! Even though you don't seem to care that it is your day, enjoy it. Love the hat too.
    Judy M.

  10. Happy Birthday Grayce! Make you get to chase birds and squirrels today! Also, hope you get to enjoy some extra treats!

    JenW and Boston (2yr old Lab)

  11. Happy Birthday Grayce from one Wiem household to another. My Zeus will be three in December, so I understand all about you!! Have a great day.


  12. Happy Birthday Grayce!!

    That is one gorgeous dog!! I don't usually care much for larger dogs but your dog looks so sweet. Grayce could eat my Chihuahua (Squirt) for lunch.


  13. I know it's too late for the blog candy contest, but I still wanted to wish Grayce a belated Happy Birthday!

    Thanks again for keeping us all updated on the latest & greatest.

    --Gracie at

  14. You are a sweetie, thank you Gracie!