Monday, September 1, 2008

My Scrapbook Room

One of the good things about the "Empty Nest" is that you get to have your own scrapbook room and here's mine (see pictures below, click to enlarge). Now I know it doesn't look like some that you've seen blogged but you see I actually use my supplies and am not just a collector.

Now if you're a collector don't hate me it's just that (IMHO) it's truly NOT about 'who dies with the most scrapbook toys' BUT actually "who dies with the most completed scrapbook albums for the generations after them to enjoy that wins'. So there, I said it...





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  1. Well personally I like your theory best. I am a collector, but not by choice, but really want to be a "getter done" but never use my time wisely. Does that make sense?? Totally great room though!! Very organized!!!

  2. jeaniebeanie, Can I make a suggestion? Good. =) Get you a daytimer and start penciling in an hour here and an hour there to scrapbook. You will be surprised at how you will actually work scrapbooking into your schedule when it's in writting. Now go on and do it...go. =)

  3. Great room! My husband just did a wall up in mine so it'd be easier for me to get things done cause beforehand I'd take over the dining room table or had stuff all over my floor, lol. I really love being able to have my own room, like you said, it's such an advantage!!

    I love the plastic storage that you have for paper. I use those too! Until I got them recently I used those heavy carriers, that I kept overstuffed. These have made finding paper so much easier, to an extent where I'll actually dig for it!

    I love seeing others craft rooms cause it always gives me ideas to improve my own storage and make it easier for me to get to stuff and then put it away so my cats don't decide to craft themselves, lol.

    What a difference it makes to have a designated place for my painting (no pictures of that up yet) and one for all the other stuff (the newer section that's on my site). It has made such a difference in time maintenance for me and I feel really lucky to have it. Thank you for sharing yours. I love your site and all the info you put up for people. I owe you a big THANK YOU!!! for that 40% off Michaels coupon you put up recently cause it enabled me to get a lot of stamps I was eyeballing. So THANK YOU!!!

  4. Sparkofwhimsy, congrats on your room and yes yes yes to all you said. Trust me, I remember to 'kitchen table' days! LOL

  5. OOO YES One day I am going to sit down and count how many I have made I do not have a clue.I make them for family and friends.I am working on 3 right now and have been asked to make another one.But Linda I need help I got to have them gadjets.. HELP ME...I just orderd me that scor pal..:O)
    Er Uh I think Er uh Er Uh I think U showed it to me..LOLOLOLOLOL
    LINDA I Love your ROOM!!!

  6. wow! its so orderly and organized! it looks like you can find things easily!


  7. I love your blog :)

    I love your craft space... I just dream of having a space like that all to my own.

  8. Thank you francesm, for now, enjoy your little boy because too soon your nest will also be empty and you'll get that scrapbook room. It's kinda a bitter sweet trade off. =\