Friday, September 5, 2008

Photoshop Elements vs the New Picasa

Chunk that Photoshop Elements right out the window cause here comes a new and improved Picasa! On the picture below I added the wording, fixed some red eye and removed a few blimishes AND it was so easy but more importantly, it's FREE!! I also might add, that for bloggers, Picasa is simply a gotta have!!!

Read below for the low-down:

Today, Picasa Web Albums has undergone a significant redesign, and is launching a slew of new features to help you better organize and enjoy your photos, including all of your Blogger Photos. Along with a much-refined interface, there's a powerful new 'name tags' feature that helps organize your photo collection based on who's in each picture. For fun, check out the new Explore page, or take a look at the Recent Photos stream (unabashedly inspired by Blogger Play).

Oh, and one more thing: If you use Picasa (the client software) to edit and organize all the photos on your PC, we're happy to report that Picasa's venerable 'BlogThis!' button still sits front-and-center in the next generation of Picasa software, which also launches today as Picasa 3 (beta). If you've never tried it before, now's a great time to start -- Picasa 3 includes plenty of new photo-editing goodies that can make your blog's pictures look better, like a powerful retouch tool, greatly revamped photo-collage and slideshow creators, simple video editing, desktop/web sync, and more. To learn more, swing by the Google Photos blog.


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