Friday, September 26, 2008

Prayer Request

God is real and He loves us and I am so grateful that I can go to Him anytime, anywhere for support, but right now I need alittle help from my friends so I'm reaching out to you, I have 2 request:

1. A dear friend, a cancer survivor, got a call from the doctor yesterday and has an appointment this morning, she is scared and I am scared for her...please pray strength, peace and healing over her.

2. Another dear friend called from the hospital, her 16 year old tried to take her life last night. Please pray a heart healing for this girl and her parents.

Thank you so much.


  1. Linda,
    I will certainly pray for your
    friends. Cancer is such a scary
    word, but we know people have won
    the fight. I too have a 16 year
    old child, and as a parent I can not imagine what her and her family are going through. I do know it is truly a blessing to have people you can turn to duing difficult times.

  2. My prayers are with them both :)

  3. My prayers are with your friends. And a grateful prayer was also said for you; how lucky we'd all be to have friends like you.

    --Gracie from EverythingCricut

  4. My husband is going through chemo right now. We know that our God answers prayers!!! Let your friends know that they are not alone. People everywhere will be praying for them.