Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another Punchlift - Candy Corn

Do you own a 2 1/2 inch punch, a 2 inch punch and a 1 1/8 inch punch? No? Me either but I do own a Cricut and my Cricut can do just about anything a punch can do. Click HERE for the .cut file below. The rest of the pictures show how to make the candy corn. Now how cute is this! Oh and if you want to see the layout I punchlifted this from, click HERE.


  1. Wow, I love that! So simple and so perfect. You could even do different colors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. We just took Pumpkin patch pix yesterday so I'm going to try and incorporate this in somehow. What fun! ~Linda

  3. OOOH!! This is just too cute.

  4. Are you using the new deep cutting blade to make these books?

  5. What a great idea. Love the .cut file. Thank you for sharing!

  6. This is GREAT!!! Thanks for sharing - I will be busy trying this out this coming weekend :)

  7. Linda...
    too cute...
    I would probably use
    a corner rounder on my
    candy corns considering
    I can not cut to look
    like yours...

    Great idea again, and as
    always, thanks for sharing..

  8. On the link that I punchlifted this from, she suggest scissors or a corner rounder for the top of the candy corn. ~Linda

  9. Thanks for sharing what a great idea!

  10. I am coordinating a 12 hour crop at my church on Saturday, and cut enough circles for everyone to make some!! These look like so much fun. Like another poster, I thought the corner rounder would be quick, but does not work on triangle shaped peices so small.
    I did ink the two inner circle edges with black on the edges, then around each peice after I trimmed the corners. This covers imperfections and provides detail.
    Thanks so much for the fun idea!
    Blessings! -DeAnna

  11. Wonderful idea - love your blog and your talent! Thanks for sharing your cut files!

  12. SO simple! Thanks for teaching me!

  13. Hey Linda. I like this one a lot. Thanks. You are always making cut files. I have one that I wopuld love to be able to cut out. I'm Methodist. I would love to be able to cut out a Flame and cross that is the symbol on all Methodist churches.Is there a way you could make this for me? Jean

  14. This is so neat, I was looking for candy corn to make some favors for our scrapbook event at church on the 26th of Sept. I found this using google. I went to DS and did 3 mats of 12 each of the 3 different sized circles. They came out so nice. i am putting the 3 pieces in a little zip lock bag and giving the bag to each scrapbooker that will be there, during the day, I will show them now to make the candy corn. Thanks again, for posting this, this is so nice, I know the scrapbookers will really like this. I know a few don't have a cricut, can you imagine that, but they do have some CM circles and they should be able to do this with the circles.

    Thanks again,