Monday, October 6, 2008

Glaze Pens and StazOn All Purpose Cleaner

Ok, so I have these Glaze pens that I really like but they are bad to, for lack of a better word, crust up at the tips making it where (and yes I am storing them corectly) I have to sit and scribble till they get unclogged...until today, when I discovered that my StazOn Ink cleaner works a miricle on them. I just run the tip over the top of the StazOn applicator and voila! instant glaze. So how 'bout that!


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  1. thanks for this, i cant tell you how many of these thing i have thrown out after they stop working!I'm intrigued though how did you discover this?

  2. Hi Amanda, the way I discovered this is complicated. lol I was looking for something to remove adhesive off my cutter and saw the StazOn cleaner on my shelf and thought "Hmmm, I wonder...", tried it and it along with elbow greese, removed the dhesive. Next I was trying to use my pens and thought, "Hmmm, I wonder..." and it worked there too but like magic. LOL