Friday, October 10, 2008

Let's Go Girls!

Take a little time today to get your scrapbook space cleaned up. Toss trash, sort papers back into their files, put small embellishments back into their spots, plop those pens back away and then wipe down your desk area. Clean can be creative -- plus now you have space open for a scrapbooking moment during the weekend.


  1. How funnny that i read this post today. This is exactly how i spent my evening after i finished my 2 pages. You can now see the floor and desk again. :)

  2. I been doing it for a week.. I guess when Spring and fall come I got to clean..LOLOL
    Cause I aint all year..HAHAHAHAA

  3. Oh, I so need this reminder. If you could only see...

    BTW, love the new background, you have wonderful taste.

    --Gracie at