Thursday, October 30, 2008

Punch & Stamp

I predict that these will be a hit! I know I sure do want them!

Check out the Black-eyed Susan Punch & Stamp:

Here's the sales pitch: This innovative product can stamp an image and punch a shape in one smooth motion! It eliminates the step of stamping a design and having to line it up with the punch shape. This product can also be used separately as a punch or stamp. The individual stamp designs can be used with existing acrylic mounts. The punch is approximately 5.5" long x 2.5" wide x 3" tall. Kit comes with 1 punch shape and 4 coordinating stamp designs (in the stamp storage container).


  1. Have we not had the talk about my poor credit card feeling abused?

    (secretly:Thank YOU! will be getting this soon!)

    Take care!

    -Gracie at

  2. You have to admit the flowers are really cute and O the possibilities!! ~Linda

  3. You're not kidding. I like stuff like this (what scrapper doesn't) that makes scrapping a little easier, a little funner, & not to mention a little cuter!

    -Gracie at

  4. Those look like they would be
    alot of fun!

    I wonder what the price point is?
    Any idea?


  5. Oh WOW is all I can say! I wonder if everyone will carry them?

    Thanks for letting us know!

  6. OOO Linda I finally got it .. I am trying to figure out how to change the stamps But o the one that is already in it I M really Liking it very MUCH!
    Thank U!!