Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CE is Price Matching Michael's

Don’t want to fight the crowds? Creative Express is doing a Cyber Monday sale where they will price match the Black Friday sales but only on the product that they actually have in stock. (So you better start faxing at 12:01 Friday morning - LOL)

Here’s what you need to do: fax or email your ad to 1-801-794-9011 or connie@creativexpress.com anytime between midnight Thursday, November 27 and 4pm Friday, December 5. Include your name and phone number. As long as your fax or email arrives before the deadline, your price match will be honored. Don’t hesitate to follow up with a phone call to 800-563-8679. Price matching only applies to product we have in stock and must be handled by CX Customer Care.


  1. SHOOT I done spent out this month.. DAD BURNIT!!

  2. Linda, what time zone will this be for us to send emails at 12:01?

  3. Marjorie, that is a good question...I guess you would need to find out what time zone CE is in and go by that...hmmmm. I'll have to do some checking... ~Linda

  4. Linda, I will keep checking back on your site to see what you find out. Thanks for checking.

  5. Provo Craft is in UT... Creative Xpress is a Provo Craft company. Or CreativeXpress owns Provo Craft. One way or another they are related.
    So... I'd go with Mountain Time