Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Price Matching...

So I was thinking...according to the Michael's website, they price match competitors pricing...and JoAnn's has their cartridges on sale this week for $39, so if you don't want to fight the crowds next week, or just want to be assured of getting the cartridge you want and it's worth $10 to you or you just want them now, then march over to JoAnn's and buy it there and if they don't have what you want, then grab a copy of their circular then head on to Michael's and maybe you'll get lucky...OR you can wait till next week, grab the Michael's ad and run over to JoAnn's cause I think they also price match...Happy Cutting!


  1. So far the only companies that I know of that DON't price match are Target and Safeway. But they don't carry cricut so it's ok. LOL

  2. I may just go over to JoAnn's and pick up the one I want and not fight the crowd. Thanks for the info.

  3. Our Joann's and Hobby Lobby and now Robert all say they no longer price match. Well, let me quantify that, Robert's might price match it only if you can prove the other store sold it as the same original price as they do then it depends on the manager. I heard this from the manager there last week.