Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thank you Card

The bird on the front and the tree branch on the inside of the card were done with Wild Cards. Loving this cartridge!!


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  1. Hello Linda -- I love your blog and appreciate your updates through Yahoo Group. Could not figure out how to email you direct so hope this gets to you. Can you give me some information on your monogram stamp? What did you buy to do the different monograms? I would love to get this stamp too but have no idea what to buy to be able to different monograms. Is is self-inking? If so, how long does the ink last or how do you refill? I appreciate your help!

  2. Hi Lyrnn, the monogram stamp is from Just Rite Stampers and you can buy them at a zillion places but I got mine at It comes with 2 alphabets (large & small) and is self inking. I've only had it a while so can't tell you how long the ink last but I have talked to others that have had there's a long time and they love the Just Rite stamps. Hope this helps, Linda