Tuesday, December 2, 2008

After Updating Design Studio - Reminder

From Kimberly O. over at Cutters Creek:

Just a reminder that if the pictures on the buttons look REALLY tiny, you can fix that.

Close Design Studio.
Navigate to your My Documents folder > Cricut > User Data.
Rename the CricutFontsMetadata.xml to CricutFontsMetadata.old. (Right click on the file and choose Rename.)
Now open Design Studio and the pictures on the buttons should be the "normal" size.


  1. Thanks Linda? When will this new version be available. I'm ready to bang my head on something trying to get it work on my old laptop. I couldn't get it working on Vista... this would be great~

  2. Draygonflies, it's available now. Follow the instructions in this post. ~Linda

  3. Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorial!
    I have been wanting to make those buttons bigger for ages.

  4. Ramona, You are very welcome. =)