Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Design Studio Update

Per Admin Becky on the Cricut Message board:

We are pleased to announce that the new updated version of Cricut Design Studio is now available. The new version is compatible with 32 and 64 Bit computers and along with a fixing a few bugs includes the new cartridge content for Tinker Bell and Friends, Cars, Blackletter, Hello Kitty Greetings/Font, and Sesame Street Font/Friends.

For best results when installing the new version please do the following:

Step 1 Please remove or uninstall the old version of CDS typically through your control panel.

Step 2 It is necessary to delete your current “CricutFontsMetadata.xml” file. This file is located in your “Cricut Folder” which is in your “Documents Folder” just double click on your Cricut Folder and you will see Projects and User Data at this point double click on the User Data and then right click on the“CricutFontsMetadata.xml” folder and delete.

Step 3 Go to Cricut.com click on the Big Banner (Cricut Design Studio find out more) then on the left hand side of the next page click where it says (Download Design Studio Updates) this takes you to a third page where you will see the Download Button click and install the new version.

Step 4 Make sure after you have installed the New Version that you update your firmware these instructions can be found under the help tab in Cricut Design Studio.
And as always have fun.

Admin Becky

Click HERE for a direct link to this update.


  1. O I M going to WAKE my Hubbie up screaming if this works MAYBE I NEEED to wait till tomorrow. I LOVE U I LOVE U I LOVE U!!

  2. MINE IS WORKING MINE IS WORKING can U hear me SCREAMING YAHOO YIPIEE I can not belive it..YEA!!!! I still have to change the DPI setting BUt I can live with that.. YAHOO!!!