Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm confused...

I thought the .pdf cartridge handbooks had been removed from the Cricut website for some insane reason but just found out that they are still there...they just moved them. Click HERE to see for yourself.


  1. I was wondering. I saw something about them being removed, but when I went to see for myself, they were there. I kept my mouth shut because I thought maybe I'd been confused and that's not what was being discussed. :-)

  2. Yeah, they used to have them with the individual cartridges (which made sense to me) but now have them all together in this list...which I guess is good that I know... ~Linda

  3. Linda

    I am totally new to this. My desire was to create a few scrap books for memories, for me and my family. Now I see several uses, I just need to find out how. What I would like to try is custom stencils. I would also like to make alphabet squares for my grand daughter. However my main question is your comment about tracing things in to the cricut. How? I purchased the design studio, but am thinking Sure-Cuts-A-Lot is a much better program for computer aware people. The cartridges are great for people who do not want to use a laptop or have one. Have you used either? What do you think?

    How would I make a stencil that says happy birthday? Sorry So many questions so little time.

    By the way, I dont know if I read it here but spray your non sticky cutting mat with quilters basting spray. Better than new. Problem solved. Costs $7.00 or $8.00 at Wall Mart but fixes the mat problem. So far 10 mats.

  4. Steven, I've had both...I prefer Design Studio and the cartridges as I'm able to keep up with the images better this way and don't have to clutter up my hard drive. HTH's, Linda