Saturday, December 13, 2008

Inkadinkado Stamps @ Costco

If you have a Costco nearby and you want to get into stamping without spending the big bucks, check out these stamps made by Inkadinkado. There are 128 stamps, 1 ink spot and 1 acrylic block in each box and each box is $14 (after $5 in-store rebate which expires the 12/21). This is a great buy, especially when you consider that just one sheet of stamps usually cost $9-15. Another thing, it was only after I got home that I began to notice some of the smaller stamps that I love! Click on each image to see the details. Nice.




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  1. Oh my, these are great! I am so jealous!!!

  2. Hmmm.... I'm wondering if braving Costco on a Saturday will be worth the effort?? LOL
    THANKS for the pics. These look fantastic! Ant the price? WOW!

  3. Wish I lived near a Costco. The closest one is 5 hours away.

  4. WAAAHHHHH I love inkadinkado stamps and don't have a Costco within 100 miles of me.
    Awesome deal!

  5. I saw these and almost put them in my cart. I couldn't buy all three sets, but I also couldn't choose just one. So I ended up with none :(

  6. Well I only had Costco check within about 150 radius and none of them have anything by Inkadinkado and never had them in. Plus no couponsare out for right now - the last expired on Dec 15. I'm in SW FL.
    Shoot, shoot, shoot - these look great and then that great price!

  7. It's February 8th and I just went to Costco cuz I had seen these stamps on your blog, then saw them at Costco, but didn't buy them.

    Today I was at Costco and they were on sale for $9.97 EACH!!!

    I wanted them so bad in December when I was there and just decided to go get them!!!

    They only had 1 left of the All Occasions, but several of the other 2 types. Obviously, they are on closeout now, thought you might want to let everyone know!