Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Walmart Finds

I was in Walmart today supposedly buying groceries but just had to make a detour through the craft section...yeah I know.

Anyway, found the Christmas ribbon's below and could just see it on my 2009 Christmas cards. They were 1/2 price (as was all these finds), these ribbon packs were $1.45 each.

These stamps were still marked $2.97 but rang up $1.45, I bought one of each.

The Martha Stewart Frosty Gingerbread Glitter Packs (which got AWESOME reviews) weren't priced at all but rang up 1/2 off at $4.45.

The larger bottles of Martha Stewart's glitter were priced $8.97 but rang up at $ sale or clearance signs anywhere...I have to wonder how many sales they are losing by not marking this stuff or at least moving it to a clearance section.

Same with her stamps, no mark down or clearance signs anywhere, priced at $9.93 but ringing up at $4.45. I L-O-V-E this tree! (click on the image to see the details)

Another stamp set priced at $9.93, ringing up at $4.45.

Last but not least, all of Martha's Christmas punches are 1/2 off and actually priced as such. Go Walmart!

Hmmm, hubby's working tonight, I think I may just ring in the new year working on next year's Christmas cards. Happy New Year Ya'll!


  1. O GEEEZZZZZZ You Killing me...LOLOLOL
    I got to get to WALLY WORLD!!!
    I Want that branch looking punch of Marthas..

  2. you enabler, you, LOL! I'll have to stop by my local Walmart tomorrow - TFS!

  3. Sue B, I was wondering how long it would take for everyone to 'get it'. LOL ~Linda

  4. That tree stamp is just totally amazing ... wish we had Walmart here :(

  5. Hey thanks for the tip!! I'm heading to Walmart!! :-)

  6. Whoo hoo, I have got to get to Walmart. Thanks kiddo.

  7. I have never in my life wanted a Wal-Mart so badly as I do right now... *sigh* Thanks for letting me live out my Hobby Shopping Dreams through your blog.

    In my mind, I got all those great deals, too!! :-)

    Thanks for sharing and congrat's on your great deals!!!!

  8. Now that was a nice side-trip to the craft aisle!!

    I'd have trouble with my spending limits if I went to Walmarts today. Not a good way to work on that New Years Resolution to stay on budget!

    Nice find.


  9. they're 75% off now! All that stuff is 70 cents(for the $2.97 stamp sets) to $2.20--punches, paper packs glitters and lg stamp sets!!

    I got a lot of stuff for $48.80!

  10. I was absolutely thrilled to see all of Martha's stuff marked down! I love the quality of her things. Thanks for sharing!