Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wild Card Cheat Sheet

Download the Wildcard Cheat Sheet by clicking HERE.


  1. Hi Linda, thanks for all your hard work you do on the Cheat Sheets, I have printed out your Wild Card Cheat Sheet and sat down with the book and wrote down the button where each phrase is found i.e. Another Birthday R1 B9 P,S
    R = row B = Button P = Phrase S= Shift. I did all the phrases, but not all the shapes. It helps alot since WC has so many things on each button

  2. Great idea Donna, that's great!! ~Linda

  3. Hi,
    I really appreciate this Cheat Sheet. I have been frustrated with the settings for this cartridge. I can't seem to get a card and envelope that go together. The envelope comes out waaaayyy to small or the card is just too big for what looks like a normal sized (cut) envelope. Can you offer a sure fire way to get the two coordinated more closely in size?


  4. I haven't played with it in a while but I *think* that you have to work with the dial on real size for this cartridge. Try it and let me know if that works. ~Linda