Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your Story by ProvoCraft

For those of you that didn't know, ProvoCraft released earlier this year a Binding/Laminating machine called 'Your Story'. As with a lot of PC's products, exclusives were given to Walmart and AC Moore so until January 2009, that's the only place you'll find this product. Here's the advertising scoop:

Create personalized books, albums, and journals with ease! YourStory™ is a thermal book binder with unmatched versatility-it is perfect for creating unique gifts, memory books, and a host of paper crafting projects. The themed kits for special events and holidays make YourStory™ the perfect choice for first time crafters and veterans alike.

YourStory™ Binding/Laminating Program: This clean, professional binding system will make scrapbooks, photo albums, presentations, and reports look their very best.

The thermal book binder has a large 12" x 12" capacity, making it perfect for scrapbooking projects. It features a laminator with the same capacity.

Album covers and laminating pouches are available in a wide variety of sizes. The albums are finished in leather or linen textures.

And if you purchase it by 12/31, you get a little extra bonus. Check out the pictures below (you can click on them to see the details better).

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  1. How much is this machine? I tried and I can't find any info on either store's website...

  2. Tina, I googled it and found several sites taking pre-orders for it...average price $85-$90. I'm not sure what Walmart is selling it for. ~Linda

  3. I bought one at my local WM for $99.99, and have seen it at a couple of others nearby. Great marketing scheme -- works for me -- my office needs a laminator! how convenient!

  4. MsBdot, where were they located in your Walmart? ~Linda

  5. Hi Loved the review you did on this. Its at my local Wal-mart store, in Windsor, Ca. Have been looking at it, and researching it. Darn by the time I go buy it, may be gone, They only had 3. at 99.99
    I researched here on the internet, and just looked at it at the store, and pulled the box down, and read what was on it.
    Guess I might go tomorrow and see if its still there, Thanks, Irishdee

  6. Thanks Linda and ladies... I'm going to check into it! I already have the purple cow laminator (love it!), so I'm not sure if this would be worth the investment. What do you think???