Thursday, January 8, 2009

For Sale: Xyron Design Runner **SOLD**

My loss is your gain! My camera has died and I can't live without it so I've got to find some money.

Xyron Design Runner, Design Disc Maker, Design Disc Maker Blank Disc, Design Runner Accessory Kit, 2 Design Runner Black Ink Cartridges, Design Runner Red Ink Cartridge, Baby Design Disc, Calendar Design Disc, Chalkboard Font Disc, Emotions Design Disc, Greetings Design Disc, Holiday Design Disc, Pet Design Disc, Romance Design Disc, Travel Design Disc and the new Karen Foster Design Collection 1 Disc. (Click HERE for details.) A $770 value for only $200. Email me at if interested.


  1. I emailed you! Just thought I would send you a heads up.
    : )

  2. I'm so sorry your camera died and you have to sell your goodies to get a new one. :-( Hopefully this little "fire sale" will raise the capital to get a really snazzy one! Cuz we need pictures from you!