Monday, January 5, 2009

Kinda OT (off topic) but not really.

I am a SAHN (stay at home Nana) meaning that I keep the grandbabies so that their parents can work. I love my "job" but hey, the money ain't all that great so we have to cut corners where ever we can, especially if I want to be able to afford scrapbooking (see told ya sorta on topic), anyway, check out this blog that I found called Mommy Snacks. Totally helpful when it comes to this budget stuff. Click HERE for details.


  1. Thanks for including a link to my site! I'm a scrapper too. It has been paper scrapping up until this year. I am going to try digital and see how that goes. Do you have any experience with ditigal?

  2. You are welcome Andrea and thank you for your blog. Re: scrapbooking, I do mostly paper and hybrid, no on the digital, I like running my fingers through paper just too much. lol ~Linda

  3. Thanks, Linda. I have so much money invested in my scrap materials, but I'm finding I just can't find the time to get to it. I think maybe in this season of my life, digital could at least get me to do it. We'll see!

    Take care :-)