Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sizzix is back in the game!

Sizzix released at Winter CHA 7 new dies. Special dies. Dies to die for. Take a look at the pictures below. They are scheduled to ship in May and will include step-by-step pictorial instructions in the packaging. And according to those in the know, they're all easy to use and simple to put together. The machine does all the hard parts for you - precision cutting and scoring. Some of the dies have fewer construction steps, so they may be quicker to put together, but they claim that all are really easy to make. Click on the picture to see the details.


  1. thanks for the pics as always you keep us updated they look really interesting

  2. These look wonderful. You always seem to know everything about everything. Do you own a store? It's great that you share your information with us. Thanks for all you do.

  3. Thanks Jean, no I don't own a store, just spend alot of time on the internet...too much time... lol . ~Linda

  4. Hey thanks for the heads up on the new sizzix dies. I have the big one too, and I am interested in a few of them. I'll have to look them up. thanks for the info..