Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vinyl Wall Art

If you are going to do any kind of Vinyl Wall Art I encourage you to watch this video before you start. You will save yourself a few headaches by following her advice.


  1. GREAT video! Great technique! I'll use it the next time I cut vinyl!

  2. thanks for all the help you provide to us all it really has helped me and I appreciate it
    Hope you have a happy & healthy New Year

  3. Linda,

    This video was great to see. I wish that I had seen this before doing my big project. I drew a line on the wall and placed each letter up individually. Masking tape is a genius idea! Right up there with the tip to use 3M adhesive spray to prolong the life of your mat for the cricut. I have some cricut project posted om my blog. You have a great blog, I'll be visiting often.


  4. this is a great video. Being a newbie mto Cricut this is great to know before I start putting anything on any wall. TUVM