Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 New Cartridges in 2009


The reason that we haven't seen more content from the cartridges that were introduced at Winter CHA is because they aren't finished yet.

There will be 25 new cartridges in 2009 - 10 of those will be licensed designs and ½ a dozen or so will be Solutions cartridges. DC Comics will be one of the licensed cartridges and there will be another Sesame Street Cartridge.

No sequel to Paper Dolls, according to PC, sales just don't justify it. (DO WHAT??)

Mickey Mouse is the best selling cartridge.

Design Studio will be updated AND a new version of Design Studio will be released, both will block using SCAL. (Don’t worry though, SCAL will develop a patch.)

The Pro version will have some new, cool features that the existing Design Studio doesn’t, although neither will be able to cut your TTF's so hang on to those cartridges.

My my, apparently ProvoCraft doesn't read their own message board and is not concerned about what the public wants. No PDDU2...


  1. I've known that Provo Craft pays zero attention to their message board - for a looooong time!!

  2. O wow I guess I will be buying other crafting stuff then.. Thanks for the Update..

  3. It's just so disappointing... I don't understand how the 'numbers' don't speak louder and more in favor of cartridges like Graphically Speaking & Storybook over licensed cartridges. So, what he is telling us is this... if we want more paperdolls then we need to promote the current paperdoll cartridge more and get more people buying it... then the numbers will speak for themselves. Let's make March... Paperdoll Month!!! LOL! Let's see how many projects we can come up with in the month of March... ready...set... go!

  4. THanks for the info. My husband is SO excited about the DC comics cart. He immediately said, "buy it!" WOW. He almost NEVER does that.

    I hope glenda finds Major's card fast.

    Really disappointed that PC doesn't pay more attention to the hard core folks who are on the "cutting edge" and who buy all these products!

  5. Thanks again for the update.

  6. *sigh* I hate to say this, but it really doesn't surprise me at all! At the same time, i'm a bit disgusted at their attitude of all this.

    I really hope they do right by those that have the DS already, i'm sure there's alot of .cut files that they are going to either have to redo or gonna lose. :(

    Thanks for your update in all this.

  7. Hi!!! I'm so very glad everyone is having the opportunity to view the video I spent lots of time making, which is on my OWN blog, so if you want more & complete details, plus a narrative from "the missing" Part 2 of this interview, please see my blog, at www.glendascreativeplace.blogspot.com

    Thanks!!! Glenda

  8. Thank you so much for the update. Provo isn't listening are they!