Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Lord HELP!

Oh no...somebody PLEASE hide the remote. To find the listing in your area, click HERE.

Paper Crafting with the Pros
Wed 2/18/2009 - 1 PM - 3 PM ET

Fold it ... Stamp it ... Cut it ... Decorate it...Crop It...Print It ...There's no end to what you can create with paper, or digitally, when you tune in to Paper Crafting with the Pros. Some of the biggest names in paper crafting, plus emerging experts in the industry join us and share the latest tools and techniques to help you achieve professional results with all of your paper crafting projects, from scrapbooking to stamping to creative software and more.


Creating Keepsakes Magazine - Paper Crafting
Wed 2/18/2009 - 7 PM - 9 PM ET

Preserve your memories with archival quality scrapbooks and accessories brought to us by author, entrepreneur and founding editor of Creating Keepsakes scrapbooking magazine, Lisa Bearnson. Tune in as Lisa brings us inventive ideas from some of the leading manufacturers in the industry for creating unusual scrapbooks and memory albums that you'll cherish for years to come.


  1. Hi Linda!
    What is the name of the channel that is carrying these programs? I can't seem to find the names of the programs in my on screen tv guide. So I was going to try to find them by searching the channel by program...
    Thanks for posting about these!

  2. Katherine, it depends on where you are located. The station is QVC...go to qvc.com and see if you can find your answer there...if your cable doesn't carry QVC then you can always watch from their website...that's what I usually do. ~Linda

  3. Linda...I'll be watching too...be sure to give me a shout out if you order something and get to go live on air...I'll do the same..there goes my tax check!!

  4. Thank you for sharing! Even if I don't buy anything, I usually get some good ideas--thanks!

  5. Ohhh Thank You Thank You Thank You!! I will be at work for the paper crafting one, but I set my DVR!!

    P.S. If hubby asks how I found out about this I WON'T tell him you told me!!

  6. LOL! Hey, you can also watch it from the internet at www.qvc.com but don't tell him I told you! LOL