Sunday, April 5, 2009

5 rows, 6 rows or 7?

So here's the deal...the Life's A Beach cartridge apparently was advertised at all the online stores using a prototype image (see below) probably due to ProvoCraft being in panic mode (click HERE to see what I'm talking about) and in fact, is missing the whole bottom row of titles which includes 'Summertime' all the way through 'Life's A Beach!'. Provocraft continues to amaze me. =)

So now here is the official ProvoCraft statement regarding the missing word art on the Life's A Beach Cartridge.

Provo Craft is always excited to see customers respond to our newest Cricut cartridges. We also understand that our Cricut users want to see the new cartridge images as soon as possible. We try to get our retailers these images as soon as we can, to get our Cricut users excited about the upcoming products. These sample images are generally created prior to the cartridges actual production.

During the development process, it is sometimes necessary for Provo Craft to make changes to the original preproduction artwork. Provo Craft does not guarantee any image will make the final cut on to a cartridge until the cartridge is actually completed and in production.

It has recently come to our attention that some Cricut users are upset that Provo Craft changed some of the artwork on "Life is a Beach." While Provo Craft strives to make sure that the most accurate information is available for users to make informed decisions about our products, Provo Craft reserves the right to make changes to artwork without any notification.

We try our best to keep the retail websites that publish images and information about Cricut cartridges up to date with the most current information as possible, but sometimes we are not always able to do so. Because of this, Cricut users should always refer to the Provo Craft website for the most recent and accurate information available.

We appreciate all your support of Provo Craft and its products.

AdminBecky, ProvoCraft website


  1. The question is referring to the missing titles that we have seen on images from different online retailers . there is a 6th row title words that includes "hang ten" and "life's a beach"... those title words are no where in the book , however are part of the images that are posted when you look to buy the cart. I think thats where the confusion is... PC responded to one of our Cricut MB members saying those images were part of the prototype and may become available on the DS version. So we are missing the last row of images and cannot cut "Life's a Beach" on a cart that has the same title.. go figure.

  2. Thanks Nilda, I guess that is why PC try's so hard to keep the prototypes under wraps till they are released. ~Linda

  3. Thanks for posting this, I had no idea what all the posts about the LAB problem meant exactly. I thought it meant all the titles, so I am glad it is just one row, sorry that the mate and Lifes a Beach is on it but very glad I will have the other titles.

  4. Is it possible that some of those titles are licensed and there for PC cannot use them. So in order to get the cartridge out quickly they just took out the last row. I don't know,it's just a thought I had. I think the cart is awesome anyway and living in Calif. it will be extremely usefull.

  5. This is wrong in advertising the titles for them and when you buy it those arent there for whatever reason ... kind like buying a cake from a bakery that has Happy Birthday on it ... but when you pick it up... no Happy Birthday as the decorations took up too much room .... geesh.

  6. Jeez, PC can be so out of it! And not only did they advertise titles that aren't even on the cart, some of the titles they dumped are better than ones they kept. Leaving off the word art "Life's a Beach" on a cart called "Life's a Beach" was very misleading (and moronic). It's still a neat cart, but PC sure missed opportunity to have a FANTASTIC cart.

  7. Tsk tsk... They really jumped the gun there in advertising with prototype images... Now look at all the hoopla created. Well shoot. I really wanted that turtle graphic on the "Swim" title...