Friday, April 17, 2009

Cricut Gossip

I cannot confirm this but here's what I read over at the Cricut Message Board...

Michael's is supposed to have Cricut cartridges on sale next week for $39.99 and in some locations, they will have both Lyrical Letters and Life's A Beach for that price. Now, I'm pulling this information off the message board so don't hold me to any of this but they are saying that you can even order these cartridges from Michael's this week at the store itself and buy it next week when it comes in for this sale price.

Interesting...all I can say is we'll see because it's just not like Michael's to work with their customers, know what I mean?

*** ADDED NOTE ***

Well dears, it's true. One of my readers called her Michael's and sure 'nuff, they are pulling the two cartridges, putting her name on them and will let her purchase them after the sale starts....will wonders ever cease.


  1. Well my ear perked with this post so I called my Michaels and they told me their hold policy will not let them keep anything overnight :-(. I spoke to two employees. The best they could do is tell me to call Sunday at 10:00 and they'd put it on hold then. Hoping, but so not counting on making that purchase.

  2. Yes, well, I have just had the most embarrassing conversation with a GORDON BALL, supposed manager of Michaels Posner Orlando. He reckons that company policy for Michaels is to only allow 24 hours for lay-by/ pick up.
    So, given Julie's experience, your sources are way wrong.

  3. I'm so bummed, I went to my Michael's today and they do not have either of these cartridges.. I don't mean they sold out.. I mean, the don't carry them! They did have the sale going on, but they only carry older cartridges.

  4. Jenyphrc, Do you have another M's that you could try? Another reader reported that she did get them today for the sale price...I'm thinking maybe it's the larger stores that have them... ~Linda

  5. I bought Life's a Beach at my Michaels. I walked in and they had it locked in the cage. Others were out... but not this one. They did not have Lyrical Letters though.

  6. Well, I take everything back about Gordon at Posner Park Davenport Florida. He was SO helpful and showed me personal attention 2day. Got Lyrical Letters, Hello Kitty, Animal Kingdon, Tinkerbell and the Garden one for $39.99 each - brilliant!! And he showed me the YUDU silk screen stuff - said they are selling like hot cakes.
    Thanks again Gordon!
    Angela. xxx

  7. Another FYI... look in the locked cage... that's where Beach and Lyrical were at my Michael's. Also, my Michael's had a sign posted that if you bought 4 carts you got one of three other select carts free. I didn't see this sign at the other Michael's I went to. Happy Hunting!

  8. I got the Life's a Beach for that price and as soon as they get Wild Card in (hopefully tomorrow) I'll have that one too. They honor their rain checks if the clerk doesn't sell your stuff to someone else.