Monday, April 27, 2009

FYI - Makin the Grade cartridge error

If you have been having problems with Cricut Design Studios reading the cartridge Making the Grade here is what you need to do. First you will need to uninstall design studios and then reinstall from this link . Once you have reinstalled you will need to open the design studios and go to the help tab and update cricut firmware. Make sure you follow those steps exactly. This will resolve this issue. Thank you for your continuing interest in Provo Craft.

AdminBecky (Cricut Message Board)


  1. Can you use the design studio with a mac?

  2. have you heard why Lyrical is not being able to be used with design Studio---I have emailed them 3 times about different things and they do not respond. Pam

  3. Lyrical will be on the next Design Studio update. ~Linda