Monday, April 27, 2009

Get Organized!

End of the month things to do:

* Turn in any undeveloped rolls of film for processing,upload your digitals for processing, or if you print at home, get it done. Don't let pictures pile up.

* Sort through the embellishments on your workspace. Put like items together, even if they're differnt colors. Toss scraps of ribbon or fiber too small to work with. File stickers and diecuts away. Clean up those pesky little bits that clutter your workspace.

* Finally, sort and file your papers. Toss those smaller than a half sheet in size or use them now to make up a card.


  1. I clean off my work space one day and the next day it is a disaster. Well, I know where things are...mostly...I have purchased stuff only to put it away then forget I have it! That is wrong. I feel guilty about it. Thanks for the tips.
    FYI, I finally bought SCAL and I also downloaded Inkscape. I am playing with it. Once again I shift the blame and put it on you...the enabler. LOL!

  2. Sorry LMcBurney, I can't help myself! LOL ~Linda

  3. I have just learned to do some irisfolding technics....this is a great way to get rid of smaller pieces of paper and make beautiful design cards. I got their site, for instructions, from a great little scrapbook store in Georgetown, Ky. Of course, I have already made several really cute cards. Those beautiful papers are too nice to just throw away until they are all used up!